THE ROBINSON REPORT #30: Poison Prevention and Perils of Laundry Packets

President John F. Kennedy proclaimed the third full week in March as National Poison Prevention Week. Our goal of raising awareness on the dangers of poisonings doesn’t end in March.  Preventing injuries and deaths from accidental poisonings is critically important year-round to protect American consumers, especially small children. In 2015, more than 84,000 children were […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #27: Portable Generators—Delaying Safety is Denying Safety!

Although portable generators provide important electrical power in a number of situations, they are extremely dangerous as they are presently designed. Most people have no idea just how dangerous they are. A portable generator emits about 450 times more carbon monoxide (CO) than an idling automobile!! CO poisonings from portable generators usually occur when people […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #26: Bare is Best – Do Not Use Padded Crib Bumpers!

Padded crib bumpers are infant bedding accessories intended to line the sides of an infant’s crib. However, padded crib bumpers pose a significant hazard for infants and young children: asphyxiation. Dozens of infants and young children either die or are injured each year due to crib bumpers. This is unacceptable and completely avoidable. I have […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #25: Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Much has been written about how potentially contentious family Thanksgivings may be this year in America resulting from the outcome of the recent election and subsequent discussions about how divided our country seems to be. As a CPSC Commissioner, my concerns this year are much broader and deeper than simply my own family’s Thanksgiving dinner. […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #21: Investing in Tomorrow Today – Piloting the Youth Incentive Program

In 2014, I attended the St. Louis University’s, the Center for Supply Chain Management, Product Safety Management Course Final Workshop and Graduation.  For the class final workshop, I assigned a challenging CPSC problem: how to improve recall effectiveness. During the class presentations, one student proposed an idea to target grassroots, community-based volunteer organizations and provide […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #20: Joint Statement Recognizing and Thanking Ms. Stephanie Tsacoumis for Her Service as CPSC’s General Counsel

Please see my joint statement with Commissioner Buerkle recognizing and thanking Ms. Stephanie Tsacoumis for her service as CPSC’s General Counsel at      

THE ROBINSON REPORT #18: Statement on the Gree Dehumidifiers Civil Penalty

I invite everyone to visit my Statements page to review my latest comment on the Gree Dehumidifiers Civil Penalty Settlement. To review my statement, please see:          

THE ROBINSON REPORT #17: ICPHSO & Changing the CPSC’s Delegation for a Safer Tomorrow!

The International Consumer Product Health & Safety Organization’s (ICPHSO) Annual Meeting and Symposium is this week.  ICPHSO’s theme this year is “The Challenge of Change: Collaborating Today for a Safer Tomorrow.” Commissioner Ann Marie Buerkle and I are on a panel tomorrow entitled, “Compliance & Enforcement” or “Compliance vs. Enforcement.” During the panel, I will […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #16: #KeepingConsumersSafe!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is constantly engaging in new ways to protect consumers more effectively. In pursuit of that goal, the CPSC’s draft 2016-2020 Strategic Plan was recently released for public comment. Although the language of the Strategic Plan may sound broad, a great deal of thought and effort has gone into what […]