THE ROBINSON REPORT #28: Wishing Everyone a Happy and Danger-Free Holiday!

The holiday season is one of the happiest and most festive times of the year! We can try to keep it happy and safe for everyone by following these important tips. First, be cautious of any open flames. Candles and flames are a beautiful sight during the holidays, but caution should be used around them, […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #25: Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Much has been written about how potentially contentious family Thanksgivings may be this year in America resulting from the outcome of the recent election and subsequent discussions about how divided our country seems to be. As a CPSC Commissioner, my concerns this year are much broader and deeper than simply my own family’s Thanksgiving dinner. […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #12: Special Warning – Hovering for Safety?

As many of you have read and heard, there have been numerous reports about a new product category of motorized skateboards, often referred to as “hover boards” spontaneously catching on fire. As of now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is aware of at least twelve incidents in ten states of these products bursting into flames. […]

The ROBINSON REPORT #11: Wishing Everyone a Happy Hazard-Free Holiday!

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year! Let’s try to keep it happy and safe for everyone. Troublesome Toys In 2014, 251,800 toy-related injuries were treated in emergency departments across the country. To stay safe, follow these easy tips: • Toys typically have labels that indicate the intended age range. […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #9: Time for Giving Thanks & Staying Safe!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanksgiving is a day when you expect your home to be filled with loud family and friends and the smell of delicious food. Please take these holiday season precautions to make sure your guests are only yelling about the football game and smelling the delicious turkey; not screaming about a kitchen fire […]