Football stadium, panoramic view

THE ROBINSON REPORT #14: The Big Game – A Big Opportunity to be Super Safe!

It’s a great American tradition to gather with your family and friends and watch the Super Bowl (and all of its commercials)!  Last year, 114.4 million people watched Super Bowl 49. This year will mark half a century of Super Bowls and again millions of Americans will be tuning in.  Many of you will be […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #12: Special Warning – Hovering for Safety?

As many of you have read and heard, there have been numerous reports about a new product category of motorized skateboards, often referred to as “hover boards” spontaneously catching on fire. As of now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is aware of at least twelve incidents in ten states of these products bursting into flames. […]

The ROBINSON REPORT #11: Wishing Everyone a Happy Hazard-Free Holiday!

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year! Let’s try to keep it happy and safe for everyone. Troublesome Toys In 2014, 251,800 toy-related injuries were treated in emergency departments across the country. To stay safe, follow these easy tips: • Toys typically have labels that indicate the intended age range. […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #10: Keep the Warmth in and Carbon Monoxide out!

Winter is coming and, for some, it is already here! For those of you living in places like Boston, Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee, Detroit, and New York, winter storms, cold weather, and snow will likely bring power outages your way. When the power is out and the temperature in your house plummets, it is understandable that […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #9: Time for Giving Thanks & Staying Safe!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanksgiving is a day when you expect your home to be filled with loud family and friends and the smell of delicious food. Please take these holiday season precautions to make sure your guests are only yelling about the football game and smelling the delicious turkey; not screaming about a kitchen fire […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #8: Keeping Fall Fun!

In many parts of the country, the temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing colors – it is time to put on those fall jackets and get outside and play! I love this time of year and there is no better time to focus on fall sport safety. Get outside on the monkey bars, […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #6 – Going Back-To-School Safely!

With the start of the school year here, now is a busy time for American consumers. Many of you will soon be heading to the stores to purchase everything from pencils and new outfits to college dorm supplies. While sending children back to school is often an exciting and overwhelming experience, it is also a […]

THE ROBINSON REPORT #5: The Search for Stability…

Last week, I travelled to High Point, NC, the “Furniture Capital of the World,” to attend a Furniture Safety Meeting organized by the American Home Furnishings Alliance (“AHFA”). Close to 70 people came to this meeting to discuss how we may better address the hidden and deadly hazards of furniture and TV tip overs. Furniture […]