THE ROBINSON REPORT #28: Wishing Everyone a Happy and Danger-Free Holiday!

The holiday season is one of the happiest and most festive times of the year! We can try to keep it happy and safe for everyone by following these important tips.

First, be cautious of any open flames. Candles and flames are a beautiful sight during the holidays, but caution should be used around them, especially with younger children in the home! Candles can cause fires if not properly attended to. Candle- initiated fires can be avoided by:

Placing candles away from drapes, gift-wrapped presents, stockings, Christmas trees or other flammable materials.

  • Always attending any lit candles.
  • Setting your menorah, kinara, or candles on a dry non-flammable surface and away from any hanging decorations.
  • Using a low and sturdy kinara or menorah model that won’t easily tip-over.
  • When cooking for a family meal, always watch your stove or oven. Cooking fires are most likely to occur when the cook is not paying attention.

Next, be careful when handling Christmas trees. Christmas trees can be a safety risk if not dealt with according Consider the following:

  • Not all trees are equal. The bigger your tree is, the sturdier your tree stand needs to be. Otherwise, you expose yourself to the risk of a tree tip-over. Just like your furniture, anchoring your Christmas tree to the wall is the safest option.
  • Natural Christmas trees can pose a fire hazard. This danger can be decreased by:
    • Checking that the tree is still fresh when you purchase it (needles should not pull out or break easily);
    • Watering your tree daily (at the base);
    • Cutting off about two inches of the trunk to expose fresh wood for better water absorption;
    • Not using tree lights that have signs of damage; and
    • Locating your tree away from heaters, the fire place and any other sources of heat.
  • Remember, artificial Christmas trees are still a fire risk. Please check the packaging for an indication that your tree is flame-resistant, and follow all of the same precautions that you would with a real tree!

Finally, some short but sweet holiday tips:

  • Some gifts given may be defective. To report a defective product, go to
  • Keep an eye on CPSC’s recall list so that you may return a dangerous toy.
  • For other decorating safety tips, download CPSC’s list here.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday & New Year!

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