THE ROBINSON REPORT #15: Saying Hello and Goodbye to Safety Icons!

A few weeks ago, our Small Business Ombudsman, Neal Cohen, introduced the Regulatory Robot a new tool that will help keep consumers safe by making it easier for small business owners to determine which mandatory safety standards and testing requirements apply to their products and, thus, make it easier for them to meet those requirements.

The friendly green Robot guides users through a series of questions about their product. At the end, the Robot provides a report that provides guidance on the regulatory requirements that may apply to the product and which may be easily saved for future reference. New users are expected to be able to complete the process in as little as 10 to 15 minutes!

The Robot will serve much the same function as the business education page currently does, but it will be more individualized, more thorough, and easier to use. The impetus for the Robot was to increase information accessibility. The CPSC would love your feedback, after completing the Robot’s process, on how we may improve the process even more.

Our Small Business Ombudsman’s office will, of course, still be available for further questions should the Robot information not be sufficient, however, we hope that going through the Robot process will help business owners ask more informed questions if they do need to follow up with CPSC directly.

Please stop by and say, “Hello!” to the new CPSC Regulatory Robot!

Finally, Neal Cohen has decided to leave the CPSC to start his own law firm and today is his last day here. As someone who had her own law firm for many years, I know that this is an incredibly exciting time for Neal, however, it is also an incredibly sad day for the CPSC.  Throughout my time as Commissioner, Neal has continually impressed me with his entrepreneurial spirit and the pride with which he approached being the Small Business Ombudsman. He has always been extremely helpful to our stakeholders both by understanding the perspective of small businesses and helping them understand what they had to do to be sure their products were safe for consumers. Neal’s advice was always thoughtful, thorough and relevant. And Neal has also provided outstanding advice to us Commissioners that has helped us do our jobs better in interacting with the businesses we regulate.

Hello, Robot! & Good Bye, Neal! – you have left a legacy of which you should be very proud!

Picture of Neal Cohn, CPSC Small Business Ombudsman, at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York City. discussing the CPSC's Regulatory Robot.

Neal Cohen, CPSC Small Business Ombudsman, at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York City, discussing the CPSC’s Regulatory Robot.


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